Hi, these are my SuperCollider interaction scripts and syntax highlighting for vim.

I have only personally tested these on a Linux machine. I've had reports of success with osX.

So far I have:

  • Syntax Highlighting, dynamically updates
  • The ability to send single lines, visual blocks or supercollider blocks (ie surrounded by parens) to sclang
  • key bindings for s.freeAll, thisProcess.stop() [cmd-. in the SC editor], TempoClock.clear()
  • In-line Help
  • In-line Class definition Look-up
Thinks I'd like to do:
  • method completion, but I'm not sure if it is possible with vim.
  • improve the script's ability to deal with folding.
  • improve automatic indenting.


  • vim
  • sclang (the command line supercollider interpreter)
  • ruby, bash, grep
  • cmake to install
Use this software at your own risk. If you have an suggestions for improvements or you need help in some way you can email me at: alex at this domain name


scvim is now in the main SuperCollider repository. Super Collider Download Page. It is in the linux source download. I'm not sure if it is in the mac download yet. It has been included in some linux distributions as well, pure:dyne supercollider-vim .

Or if you want the 'bleeding edge' version you can grab the git version from the SuperCollider dev page

Trouble shooting:

If you have trouble getting scvim to run initially after install:

  • Ensure you have the proper version of vim installed. Ubuntu and Debian users might have vim-tiny installed, that won't work, you need vim-full.
  • Cannot find uhtml? You shouldn't need it anymore but in case you're using an old version of scvim, you can download unhtml here: unhtml_2.3.9.tar.gz