A number of years ago I was running Linux and learning to use SuperCollider. At that time Emacs was the preferred way to interact with SuperCollider on Linux. Since I was, and still am, a vim user, I found that problematic.

So I created SCVim, which was a set of scripts to allow for interaction with SuperCollider in vim with:

  • Syntax Highlighting, dynamically updates
  • The ability to send single lines, visual blocks or supercollider blocks (ie surrounded by parens) to sclang
  • key bindings for s.freeAll, thisProcess.stop() [cmd-. in the SC editor], TempoClock.clear()
  • In-line Help
  • In-line Class definition Look-up

The project has lived quite a while, a number of people use it and it even ended up being added into the main SuperCollider repository at one point. There have been a number of different contributors, and I haven't been very involved in quite some time.

The main SCVim repo is now based on a fork, which has largely been re-written, and can be found at the SuperCollider SCVim GitHub repo.